Economy ecosystem, with a focus on the market of pop culture, nerds, geek gamers, communication, education and innovation of generations Y and Z

Our brand of Content Creators and Digital Influencers, which today reaches more than 60 MILLION followers together.

Specialists in Influence Marketing campaigns, events, activations, working in different niches and with a versatile range of possibilities. From the nerd/geek universe and pop culture… to lifestyle, shopping, fashion, family, humor, gastronomy and fitness.

We have the perfect Creator to communicate with YOUR target audience!

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Our full-service Audiovisual Producer that emerged from a perception of the EPIC Group’s needs.

The focus is on meeting B2B demands, covering all aspects of audiovisual – and we are open to working with all types of projects!

Whether with script, filming, editing, 2D and 3D animation, Motion, VFX… We are ready to produce your institutional or commercial video, tutorial, teaser, vignettes, video clip, aftermovie, online course and videos for YouTube channels.

If it’s not supposed to be EPIC, we don’t even touch the REC button!

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The Advertising Agency covers the areas of Communication, Design, and Strategic Management in an integrated way and leaving the obvious!

Meeting demands related to Branding, Visual Identity, Social Media, Copywriting, Metrics Monitoring, Online Interaction, Ad Structuring, Google Ads, among other needs.

We have a sharp team of creatives with market experience, a lot of personality and that thirst for new ideas.

We are ready for YOUR challenge!

Our Edutech, focused on the development of new generations.

A playful EDTECH that helps organizations and educational institutions to motivate, engage and enhance communication, socializing and continuing education of their employees or any professional who is interconnected to their chain of activity, through integrated platforms. With the application of GAMIFICATION, EDUTAINMENT and GEEKFICATION methodologies, we design and build projects for e-learning, multimedia communication, transmedia, storytelling, corporate university, mentoring, LMS platforms and 2D metaverse!

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EPIC INOVAÇÃO works to support any activity in which an INNOVATIVE DNA is necessary!

Acting on all fronts, it promotes flexible and versatile support that meets different business demands…

From the creation of entrepreneurial ecosystems, Innovation HUBs and incubation of early stage start-ups – to the implementation of corporate Innovation Labs and also consultancy or advice for managers who see innovation as a differential for their areas and businesses.

Experience in anticipating and dealing with the NEW we have. Count on our expertise, let’s put your company on the route to the FUTURE!

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